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World of Online Casino Gambling

This page where we take you into the gateway of scientific gambling and bring you back to the real gaming world. Although the following content may not be suitable for reading. This includes those with the following views:

• Belief in winning is the last word or something similar


  • People who believe that luck is a large percentage

    • Fully believe that their knowledge is mature and scientific

    • It is considered devoid of Useful for theoretical practice and cognitive cultivation

    Note: Most of the “bookmaker” mentioned in this article refer to the AOC


    Some say that all knowledge is science. And all science is colorless. and while pursuing knowledge We should maintain an attitude of playing online casinos without color. If this statement is not extended as we will agree. But we all know that as long as it is alive it has to have color. Colorless pursuits must be imperative with the power of color behind or below. This impetus not only but determines the direction and outcome of a person’s pursuit of knowledge. but also determines whether a person is sincere to knowledge or not. And this colorless energy is our value orientation.

    First of all, there must be the ability to work, there must be sharp tools, a rational process must not have a preliminary foundation in theory, everything must first set up a correct understanding and understanding. In the right direction, this principle is applied to the ball even more. However, many lottery players ignore this. Put more emphasis on the real thing, so-called “abbreviations” are basically converting everything as soon as possible. turned into a monetary object, turned into a desire in style and directed towards utilitarianism. Its standard is material rather than spiritual. benefit more than

    More beautiful and formal than connotation, therefore, it often leads to serious thoughts such as urgent merit and immediate benefits. or fall into random confusion and doubt Our world is made up of matter, so everyone desires something important. but ignoring the existence of the soul in the eyes of matter Nothing but walking dead Therefore, the material must lead to the soul. Done without a precise and clear understanding of things, it was possible to describe it by touching a fish in muddy water, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to describe it using a blind man’s elephant.

    For a long time we’ve been thinking about writing articles about building the right understanding. and an understanding of the relationship between the market dealer and the game itself. the objective is to give lottery, especially technical lotteries Misunderstood lottery people make the right understanding from a theoretical point of view.

    The reason for not being able to write is one thing, although the author’s experience can guarantee the reliability and scientificity of these cognition and understanding due to the reality of current material supremacy. But few people paid great attention. Cultivation, so I don’t have enough confidence to attract more attention from the lottery. The second is the development of Chinese football lottery today, television, newspapers and the Internet have been damaged by a large amount of gambling data and gradually attracted the attention of many lottery friends.

    Based on fantasies or online propagation, long-lurking and deeply held “theories” it is difficult to create a subversive effect. These are more easily accepted by the general public.

    The authors explain common misconceptions with the original intent of creating greater awareness and understanding, meanwhile, I hope more lotteries people can treat this article with a learning attitude. and ponder Ultimately, the idea of ​​determining the height and thinking of the solution.