Principles of international visas

Visa is the only principle that applies to countries around the world through politics. A visa is required to travel from one country to another. From the national embassy. In different countries, there are different conditions and documents. When you get permission, you can get a visa or a sticker on your passport. As a result, a visa is evidence of another country’s license. It will be a tip or sticker on the passport, except for some countries. You need a วีซ่าแต่งงาน to go abroad, but you don’t need a visa to enter abroad. Or in exceptional cases, in some cases, the decimal protocol has no visa or exception. Only ethnic minorities can enter the country without a visa, such as Thailand. We only provide those who have a prosperous country, as well as a fairly good foundation for tourism in that country. In just one month or 30 days, Thais don’t need a visa. Thailand does not need a visa. The Thai government has arranged a lot of convenient travel and convenient Thai people. In particular, it is a common country that Thailand can pass without a visa. But there is also a break as follows.

Up to 90 days, including




South Korea,



up to 30 days,

Hong Kong,


Laos. )



Malaysia (Malaysia)

Maldives (Maldives)

Russia (Russia)

South Africa (South Africa)

Vietnam (Vietnam)

Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles)

duration not exceeding 21 days Philippines (Philippines)

period Up to 15 days Bahrain (Bahrain)

Duration up to 14 days Brunei (Singapore) Cambodia (Cambodian)

want to travel to Europe is exempt

For anyone who thinks that they want to travel to the European zone, then We have exemptions which are agreed upon and between most European Member States. so that we can travel conveniently and travel in and out of the country more easily by the country that has agreed Without visas to all 26 countries as well as

Austria (Austria)

, Belgium (Belgium)

, Danish (Denmark)

, Finland (Finland)

, French (France)

German (Germany)

, Iceland (Iceland)

, Italian (Italy)

, Greece (Greece)

Luxembourg. Luxembourg

Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Norway (Norway)


Spain (Spain)

Sweden (Sweden)


, Latvia

, Lithuania,




, Slovenia

, Slovakia

, Czech Republic A (Czech Republic)

Switzerland (Switzerland)

Monaco (Monaco)

But that doesn’t mean Traveling in the European zone will not require a visa at all. because it is called an exception But there is a special visa called Schengen Visa to facilitate tourists from different countries. to travel to Europe which Thai people have the right to apply for this type of visa Without having to apply for a visa to other countries and stay in that country for no more than 3 months within 6 months for visa applications, we must apply at The embassy of the country where you will be staying the longest or if you still can’t decide Can not be identified, can go to the embassy of the first country to enter For anyone who may have come across propaganda such as inviting that you can apply for a visa. for those who want to travel to the langur in any case, which is considered a scam and It’s illegal, so it’s best to be careful when submitting your documents and file your claim yourself. And should understand and study the subject of visa applications. of each embassy by itself Let’s understand each other first. Therefore, applying in person is the best option. Now we believe that many of you would understand the matter. Passport, passport, and visa, what’s the difference between them? It’s not the same one and it has different steps. which is required to travel abroad Not going out of the country and going to go at all. There must be many things that are ready to allow us to travel abroad or leave the country first.