Kelly Criterion The theory of money movements, secret formulas of players in online gambling games

Kelly Criterion, money tables in gambling games that will help to play differently from the usual Did you know that there is another special technique that is recommended to slot players? to get to know and use it in real play This will help generate profits from playing quite interesting. For this technique, there is a reference from Kelly Criterion’s Theory of Probability.

Get to know the history of the new betting formula.

For the formula to be taught this time, few people know. And there is still no widespread play. This technique is called the Kelly Criterion, known in the theory that it was invented by JL Kelly, a foreign engineer at AT&T in 1956. Where was that era? He has been used to solve problems with phone noise until later Claude Shanon invented

and applied this principle to playing casinos. until able to profit from playing a lot Until this formula was introduced to play the game of roulette. and is widely used in foreign players

The procedure for calculating the stake according to the Kelly formula

After first understanding the Kelly Criterion probability formula, This time, we will understand the theory that can be applied to playing in real casinos. which must be said that it is easy to understand and not complicated by having the following methods

The principle of the Kelly Criterion formula is as follows:

• F = PW – (PL/W)

when compared to casino games or gambling. It can be converted and its meaning is as follows:

  • W = profit margin per bet
  • PW = probability of winning 100% from game
  • PL = probability of losing from game 100. %

by which we will give an example of a simple comparison to visualize Let’s say the player wins the game at 45% and has a chance of losing at 55%. There will be a profit ratio of 1:1 per bet. where if calculated according to the above formula Will get investment each bet equal to 10% by simple thinking, if the gambler has a capital to play at 1,000 baht, in this eye, it should be invested to bet at 100 baht / eye.

Dealing with capital is something that most important

In summary, it can be seen that using the Kelly Criterion formula will help players to manage their playing funds better. Currently, the problem that most players often encounter is Not sure or not sure how much should be wagered in each eye? Therefore, the best and most rewarding results will be achieved every time you play. By this

principle, the gambler will be able to make profits in every turn and continue to build on the next turn. As a result, it helps to control the funds that are used to play appropriately and efficiently. no loss And can also apply this formula to other casino games of all kinds.