How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is another popular card game that has a long history and is not a card game that uses luck at all.

Because this game will compete in mathematics and the science of computation. Like in the movies we have seen many stories that playing blackjack cards are counted if we want to play blackjack online casinos. How should we play like in the movies?

Calling, surrendering and stopping,

the decisions of this game are not made randomly, we are based on statistics. The probability that we have already calculated That thread is the fun of this game, then we should do or calling cards now as good

a scorer 17,18,19,20 should not call any more cards

, we have another 16 points to 2,3. 4,5,6 we should stop calling, the other party gets 7,8, we should call 1 more card, the other party gets 9,10 and A should fold and lose the bet.

We have a score of less than 11, should be called more in all cases.

Counting cards

In counting cards, you may find it difficult. Yes, it’s hard without practice, but with good enough practice Counting the cards will be easy. By the way of counting is that we have to count the cards that are opened in every leg, most of which Blackjack is open to play around 7 legs, where we have to count every leg and every card itself and the way to count points is

2. ,3,4,5,6 to count +1

7,8,9 so it doesn’t have to count

10,J,K,Q and A to count -1 The

way to count cards is if the cards come out as 2 points to us +1 but if the next card is 10 then subtract 1, counting like this for every leg, when more than 16 means the smaller cards will come out a lot. And there are only bigger cards left than how to play is that we try not to call too many cards for the dealer or the other party to call until the point is too high.

Well, how to count cards is not as difficult as you think, right? If anyone is starting to play blackjack, then try this method and see if I can make more or less money.