History of Blackjack

Blackjack or 21 card games are considered to be popular card games that have been played for a long time. Because it is a game that is easy to play, not complicated, relies on various playing formulas. Help placing bets But there is no fixed formula to play. With a game that combines the card points to get 21 or close to 21 points, they win

immediately, but if the points exceed 21 or more, they lose immediately. Let’s take a look at the history of blackjack card games. Blackjack has a history of playing before, it was discovered that betting on this game was started in European countries. Spain and France. Since 1700, the goals of a total of 21 are the first references of these games. It

tells the story of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes in 1601. Only a handful of people were able to play. And it has been sold as a wide kingdom over and over. and came to the United States during the post-revolutionary period. It became legal in Las Vegas in 1931. It is also a game that requires skill to play. In 1953, Roger Baldwin Has

published a guide to use blackjack to make it easy to play. From then on, it became widely known until the mid 1990s. Began to play casino games at online casinos over the Internet and it was a popular card game. Until now, both in casinos and online casinos.

Nowadays, most of the gamblers prefer to play casino games through the most common online casino websites. Especially the blackjack card game that has been accepted by many gamblers. Because it’s a fun card game. entertain And can earn extra income from this game is not difficult. Just study how to play the rules. To understand, they can join and bet.